Shanghai Zikai Industries Co.,Ltd was established in 1996 to provide our global customers with HIGH QUALITY construction machinery parts from Chinese manufacturers at the lowest possible prices. Historically the words Chinese and HIGH quality was not believable in the same sentence. Our mission is to deliver “Japanese Quality at a Chinese Price”, and to be your single source for needed machinery parts through our efficient channels.

We currently have a network of over 30 qualified construction machinery part suppliers providing a broad base of products covering areas like: machining parts; Forging parts; Casting parts; Stamping part, Pressing parts; Cutting parts; Welding parts, Hydraulic parts Wire harness; Chains; Springs. Rubber parts and Plastic parts as well.

Our business principles are very simple, we create a mutually beneficial growth model by joining hands with our suppliers and customers to provide accountability and create an environment that promotes exceptional quality and an immediate impact to the bottom line of our customers’ businesses. Our project management systems insure accurate delivery timelines and our quality control systems guarantee the best quality product available anywhere in the world – all of which provides our customers with peace of mind!

Shanghai Zikai Industries helps our domestic suppliers improve project management and production of our customers’ parts with the goal of continuously improving quality and exceeding customer expectations. Finally, our QC system insures our customers that the critical quality control plan we started with will be executed and adhered to throughout the entire development and production timeline.